Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PATACHOU ON THE PARK – A little street Café

Only not so little located on Washington Street in Downtown Indianapolis across from the Capitol.  Sundays are the busiest so expect a wait up to 30 – 45 minutes for a table.  It has been serving healthy selections since it opened which was a nice surprise for this health conscious individual who is known to frequent tofu restaurants just to compare the firmness.   

This quant establishment is known for its Broken Yolk Sandwiches.  What is a broken yoke sandwich you ask?  Well, it is something that you need to experience I my description will never do it justice.  It is rich and runny.  The newest endeavor is the Broken Yolk Sandwich with Smoking Goose Apple Chicken.  It consists of 2 fried eggs, white cheddar cheese and Smoking Goose Apple Chicken Sausage patties served as a sandwich.  Once you bite into eat the ooze goodness of the yolk spills forth onto your taste buds.  Yes, there is nothing like it unfortunately it was so good I forgot to take a picture and the next thing you know it was in tummy.

If a fried egg sandwich fails to make you turn cartwheels than they have more delights to choose from including various omelets.  Try the Hippie with a Benz made with fresh spinach, vine ripened tomatoes, mushrooms and feta.  It was a Hippie with a beat.  The Overachiever is made with famous Indiana Bacon, white cheddar cheese, sour cream and horseradish it’s sure to make you ask for glass of water.  It has a spicy kick to it.  As with every breakfast menu they always have to mention the word California and Patachou is no exception with its California Dreamer made with avocado, white cheddar cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.  Oh those hot summer California nights. 

If you are more a traditional type of person yes they do serve Fresh House made Waffles and Croissant French Toast.  Add a cup of fruit and breakfast is served.

Lunch is also served and you have your choice of sandwiches or fresh made salads.  A special flavor for vegetarians is the Lentil Pate which consists of a curried vegetarian pate with cubes of blue cheese mayonnaise.  But if meat is what you want then may I suggest the Fresh House Roasted Turkey with herbed cream cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. 

Patachou serves the typical Chopped and Greek Salads however they do have few surprises.  The Winter Ensalada Fresca is chopped romaine, roasted butternut squash, red onion, cumbers, garbanzo beans, black beans and feta tossed with Buttermilk Herb dressing.  Or how about a throwback to time?  The Green Goddess Salad is one I would highly recommend if for the name alone.  However you will be pleasantly surprised.  This salad has all the goodies made with avocado, hardboiled egg, bacon, chopped tomatoes, apples, and natural poached chicken over lettuce tossed with their own version of creamy Green Goddess dressing.  Quick where is my fork?

One criticism I just cannot get out of my mind is the fact that if you coffee you have to get up and help yourself.  They have a coffee station directly in the middle of the restaurant which is not easy to get to as you have to weave your way through various tables.  If I am paying for service I do not want to get up to get myself a cup of coffee.  Call me old fashioned but that’s what I pay for and I do tip graciously as I was once a server myself.  The service is also a bit lax.  The manager just doesn’t have control as I witnessed him cleaning tables as patrons waited to be seated.  The water glasses were never refilled and there is no water shortage in Indiana last time I checked.  The food was good but a bit overpriced from what I experienced elsewhere.  Food was good but if you compare it to the service and prices elsewhere it just seemed to be lacking.  So sorry to say I can only give it 2.5 Forks Up.  With a little help I know it can do better.  The food was good and healthy.  The establishment had a great vibe and that is always a plus.

225 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 632-0765



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