Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Hobbit – The best hidden gem in Orange County.

This is hidden gem in Orange which was born before the movie came out.  It has nothing to do with the movie by the way. So do not expect to see a Hobbit or Dwarf.  But it will be an experience you will not forget. 

The Hobbit has been around since 1972 and has been family owned since its opening.  Today the Hobbit is run by the grandson and still adheres to the original traditions.  The style has not changed only the menu has been updated as the time dictates. The experience still remains.

The atmosphere is perfect for that special occasion.  The Hobbit can also be rented out for that perfect holiday party.  It is old school romantic with all the bells and whistles upstairs is an old 1920 style bar fully loaded for with Mint Juleps for that Southern Belle. 

Downstairs the romance is a blaze with 2 dining rooms sitting no more than a handful of tables.  This establishment of a throw back in time ONLY takes reservations which are confirmed 3 times prior to your scheduled dining experience.   For a Friday or Saturday night try to book well in advance.  A deposit is requested at the time of reservation but that is understandable given the small venue.

This is a chef’s 7 course menu venue.  That means that the chef prepares a full course dinner, upon the making of the reservations please inform the receptionist of any allergies however, the chef is more than happy to make some changes at the time of service.  For instance someone in my party was allergic to pork the chef was able to prepare a fabulous substitution.  But given the skill level of the chef and his wonderful staff there was no surprise.

The summer menu is one featuring the freshest ingredients.  The menu changes like the seasons. 

The evening starts in the wine cellar where Champagne and Hors d’oeuvres are served.  After guests have selected a wine accompaniment everyone proceeds upstairs to dinner.  Appetizer consists of Seared Pacific Halibut with assorted French fingerling potatoes, baby artichokes and blood orange and sweet beet emulsion.  Second course is an Allspice and Black Pepper Dusted Kurobuta Pork Loin with fresh Brussel sprouts and apple wood smoked bacon served with a bed of orzo rosemary scented natural jus.  Third course takes us in to the Mixed Heirloom Tomato Tartar with micro frisee lettuce, humbolt fog cheese, black pepper caramel vinaigrette and ciabatta bread crisp.  As you are already in heaven there is a brief intermission.  This is the perfect opportunity to meet the chef in the kitchen and observe a real working kitchen.

As you return for Act 2 you are presented with a Clementine Orange Sorbet to clean your palate.  Next is the famous entrée portion as if the above items were not enough.  There is a selection between Filet Mignon with Spice Cured Foie Gras and New Zealand Blue Nose Bass with Beluga Lentils.  The Filet Mignon was so moist and tender you could cut it with a butter knife.  The Bass was light and moist.  It is so easy to mess up fish that sometimes I just don’t even order it anymore.  I hate to be disappointed but his time that was not the case.  Perhaps the sorbet did clean the palate but all I can remember is delicious flavor that left me wanting more. 

Dessert was a different world.  You are not presented with just one taste of erotica but two.  A beautiful Lace Almond Cookie Cup with Mocha Espresso Mousse and Sweet Chandler Strawberries with mint tops.  No you will not go home wanting.  You will go home wanting to come back.

The service was impeccable.  Besides Emeril’s in New Orleans and various places in Indiana The Hobbit by far has the best restaurant service in Orange County to date.  So place your reservation now for those special occasions because this gem will not be forgotten but will shine on.
This place is all the way a FOUR FORKS UP!  Price reasonable for what you receive, the service excellent and the atmosphere like no other.

2932 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869

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