Friday, June 13, 2014

Pearl Street Pizzeria and Pub – Dorothy we are not in New York but….

 Nope you are not but you are in the taste of New York.  The inside is set up like a relaxing pub.  Dark tables, flat screen TVs and a dart board.   The staff is friendly like everyone I met in Indianapolis.  The waitress stopped and chit chatted for a time without hesitation offering her points of interest for the city.  She was proud of her Indianapolis heritage and the fact that all the sporting venues where in walking of distance of each other. 

The location is hard to find.  At first you feel like you are walking down a “mugger’s alley” but that is not the case.  It is an alley but it is safe.  It is right in the heart of the restaurant district.  During the weekend this place can get packed but it’s well worth the trek to find it.  The drinks flow and the food is good.

My recommendation is the BBQ Chicken Pizza made with tender grilled chicken, red onions, mozzarella, fresh cilantro and zesty BBQ sauce.  Warning, warning Will Robinson….the zesty BBQ sauce is not “zesty” it is HOT!  I did not know any better and ordered it the Ghost Pepper Jack Cheese.  That was my mistake for you add the Ghost Pepper Jack on their version of zesty marina sauce and my mouth was burning.  Those of you whole like jalapeno peppers will not be deterred but the rest of mankind will need something to numb the pain.  This pizza defiantly needs to be paired with a smooth logger. 

Do not waste your time ordering a salad it is just not worth it.  Spend the money on the alcohol. 

This establishment carries, pastas, sandwiches and wraps.  Again do not waste your time with a sandwich or wrap.  Choose wisely and choose the pasta or pizza.  This place is known for its sauces and that is where all the flavor is so give it a try.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  The price is reasonable.  In fact, all the food prices in Indianapolis are reasonable and the service is superior. 

This place gets a 3 Forks Up. The price, the service and the atmosphere.  I only wish that the location was easier to find.  Even the cab drivers needs to be directed. 

65 East Pearl Street, Indianapolis, IN


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