Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sashimi – Sushi in Mission Viejo really?

This is a hole in the wall sushi bar located next to Vons in Mission Viejo.  Blink and you will drive right by it.  I would say there are only 6 tables and a nice bar.  Of course they have a flat screen TV hanging on the wall.  Who doesn’t these days?  Call me old fashion but I like to relax with my Saki. 

The staff is very pleasant and ready to help you with anything you need.  The drinks are always full and the place is clean.  You are welcomed with a booming hello. 

Clean – Check

Good – Food Check

Friendly Atmosphere – Check

So what is the downside you may ask?  Well the prices are higher than I would expect from a shopping center location next to a Vons.  In fact, I was taken by complete surprise.  These were the prices I expect to see in Laguna Beach not Mission Viejo.

The Martini rolls was fresh and tempting.  Seared Albacore topped with a slice of jalapeno.  It was not hot and could use a little more of a kick.  The Crunch Roll was spot on tangy and sweet.  It was one of the better Crunch Rolls I have had in years.  The Cucumber Roll was rolled nicely tight, perfectly wrapped around yellow tail, salmon and tuna. 

My favorite by far was the Happy Roll.  Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.  Once again Yellow Tail wrapped over spice tuna and avocado.  For some reason this sushi roll was light.  It did not feel heavy even though it was wrapped with rice.  There was just something about it that made it a delight!

Sashimi gets 3 Forks Up.  The price was too high.  The sushi was good don’t get me wrong but I just could not justify the price it blew me away and that’s hard to do.  The service was excellent and the atmosphere was welcoming but the price…..That’s what it comes down too.  If you are going to charge that much then I prefer a better location I just cannot justify it.

(949) 583-9103

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