Thursday, June 12, 2014

Palomino’s Restaurant and Bar - I do not mean the track.

 Food and a throw back in time.  Remember the velvet booths and dark mood lighting? Of course not you were not even born then and for the record neither do I. But I do remember I Love Lucy and the night clubs that were featured on the show.  Then you will know what I mean about nostalgic and a simpler time. A time of big bands and nights out on the town.  That is the atmosphere you will experience when you walk into the Palomino. 

The menu invites a sample of everything although if you log onto Yelp it says Medititrraen flare which I disagree.  It has something to tame everyone’s taste buds.

Try the Pumpkin Seed Pesto for an appetizer it is well worth the fantasy it invites in your mind.  Prepared with granny smith apples, fresh basil, clover honey, jalapeño, and served with grilled pita.  Its fruity but not over whelming with a hint of spicy.  It is a must.  I never had anything quite like it before and mind you I have been Turkey and throughout Europe.    However, if it is not for you then they always have the “old” staples of Crispy Calamari, Crab Cakes or French Onion Soup.  I must give a thumb up for the French Onion Soup full of flavor and little oil which is a feat in itself.  The melted cheese is gooey and gives the impression that the cheese was made on premises it is that fresh.

Entrée’s range from small plates typical of a Spanish style restaurant to Pizzas and Pastas.  But don’t forget what the name implies this place is a meat lover’s dream come true from the tender Braised Lamb Shank to the Roasted Prime Rib In Rock Salt.  Nothing is left off the menu for you discriminating palate.   

There was a toss-up between Chicken Marsala and Tuna Puttanesca so again I deferred to the waiter for his expertise after all restaurants that want to succeed have the staff taste everything.  His suggestion was the Chicken Marsala as the Tuna Puttanesca was a little too fishy for his liking.  I will be forever grateful for his recommendation it was by far the best Chicken Marsala.  The chicken was tender and moist full of flavor.  The roasted mushrooms and sauce was just sweet enough not to be overbearing. 

I looked around and everyone was enjoying the pizza so of course I had to give it try.  There is nothing like eating to experience life.  The Salsiccia Fresca was prepared with marinara, housemade mozzarella, caramelized onions, and hot Italian sausage.  Again the mozzarella was superb.  You can always taste fresh mozzarella once you have experienced it you will never buy cheap store bought again.  Fresh mozzarella is with the drive to your local Italian Deli.

The dessert menu is a creation by itself.   The Sicilian Donuts are the “bomb” I have not had them since Nana was alive.  They are served with mascarpone cream and warm nutella chocolate sauce.  Simply incredible.  Palomino’s also serves Warm Pear Bread Pudding, Palomino Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée.

There is a full bar with specialty drinks that include good old fashioned martinis that include Elderflower Lemon Drop, Ginger-pear, and Lavender Cosmopolitan.  It’s a throwback to times past and a welcome change to today’s constant commotion. 

The Palomino’s prices are not expensive not compared to some other fancy establishments.  The service is excellent and staff are always egar to help each other out.  I can honestly say that the service is on par to Emeril’s restuarants in New Orleans it is that GOOD!  This throwback in time rates a 4 Four Forks Up just because it made me smile without hurting my wallet. 

Although I experienced the Palomino in Indianapolis they have locations in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angles which I will be experiencing in the near future.  Mind you there are others so log on to Palomino’s website at and give one a try.

Indianapolis – 49 West Maryland St. (317) 974-0400


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