Monday, April 21, 2014

THE FLYING PIG – Sounds like something out of a fairy tale only Vancouver style.

The Flying Pig is one of Gastown’s best establishments comfortable and causal a perfect place for a first date.  Although sometimes it may get a little loud the atmosphere lends itself to make a good first impression.  It has a loft appearance with cloth napkins and excellent service.

It bills itself as “nouveau Canadian Bistro” what that means I really do not know. I call it casual with an upscale vibe and a down home BBQ flare.  So relax its all good from this point on.  The only way you can really screw up is to be pretensions as this restaurant does not lend itself to that type.  So if you are from Toronto or Beverly Hills this is not a place you will fit in.  But if you are of the type that less is more than this place is definitely someplace to see and be seen.

The amount of food can be ridiculous so if you are eating light I recommend the appetizer menu.   I indulged in mussels in white wine and garlic served with a side of frits.  Yes this is what is considered an appetizer.  The menu is season so it does change but I have noticed that the main staple is pork and some form of it remains on the menu.

The mussels were nothing less than fresh and although I am trying to cut back I eat the frits.  Unfortunately for my waist line they were addicting so I could not just stop at one.

Ah…the pork.  The Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib served with roasted bone marrow and aged white cheddar mash was rich and tender.  It melts in your mouth. In case you have been living under a rock roasted bone marrow is all the rage.  It appears that every cooking show is featuring some version of it.  It is not an easy recipe to follow but if you have technique then it is a winner on any cooking show. 

Do not be scared to bring your date as there is something for everyone from Pan Seared Queen Charlotte Halibut to Wild Seafood Pappardella.  The sides are exceptionally appetizing and “different” but in a good way.  Try the Bone Marrow Cheezy Bread, yes I said the bone marrow again, or how about the Lobster and Prawn Risotto.  Canada’s specialty dish is also available Andrew’s Pulled Pork Poutine.  Yes this dish is catching on in the US. 

The service is exceptional as they are always ready to ply you with alcohol or any drink of your choice.  The only draw back is the price it might seem a little high if you’re a tourist but for the locals it is spot on.  The dessert is served but I prefer to walk down the street and order a crepe.  This place is 3 ½ Forks Up.  Ready set go!

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