Monday, March 11, 2013



This week I will be traveling to New Orleans to invoke some good old fashion Creole fun.  The food, the spices, the atmosphere.  I will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the French Quarter.  Although there may be no green beer there will a party going on all around me.  

In New Orleans the festivities go on for weeks.  I am told there are six St. Patrick’s Day parades. One in nearby St. Bernard Parish that also celebrates the Italian and Canary Islands cultures. A block party will held at the Irish Channel section of the city. I have packed well with Aspirin and plenty of water so New Orleans look out Tammy is coming to town.

Is there a particular restaurant you want me try?  Please send me an email or comment.  So far I will be tempting my palate at Emeril Lagasse’s Emeril's Delmonico located on the famed St. Charles Avenue streetcar line.  Word has it that this is a legendary century old institution.  I am looking forward to viewing the architecture and stepping back in history.  This establishment is noted for its intimate dinning experience.  Unlike the other two restaurants in Emeril’s New Orleans this one does not survive on foot traffic but its old style Creole flare with a pinch of “Bam”. 

For breakfast I will be dining on beignets it is just not New Orleans without a beignet and coffee/tea in the morning.  Perhaps a real poor boy for lunch and a few spicy drink concoctions.  New Orleans is the city that never sleeps and to that end I will be enjoying food 24 hours a day.  Angeli in the French Quarter stays open late serving hummus to pizza.   The BackSpace Bar and Kitchen with a menu that expands from brie to red beans and rice to waffles and pancakes.  I will be once again on a diet once I return from my food excursion.

Not only is food on the venue for my visit but I will enjoy a few plantations.  Turning back the clock to the time of Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara.  A little southern genteel culture.

Plantations were once the mainstays of a regional agrarian economy, as well as the bastions of a genteel culture.

So drop me a line if there is someplace special you want me to visit.  My forks as always will be in the upright position.

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