Monday, March 18, 2013

New Orleans Lousiana

  The food, the fun the drinks and sites.  New Orleans is a true delight.  The people are warm and friendly.  The food is fabulous and extremely fating.  But do not despair the walking should even up the calorie intake at least that is what I keep telling my self.  I lost weight just to come here and now I have gained it all back.  What can I say but a fabulous way to gain, food, drink, food, drink and yet more food.  If those early settlers could see the place now I wonder what they would think of it. 

This is true turn back to times long ago gone.  There is magic around every corner.  A vampire and pirate walk hand in hand down the city streets.  They are as they appear and live their lives to the fullest.  I am told that if see someone who you believe to be in costume that is actually how they life out their lives in New Orleans.  It sounds a bit dramatic but it really is true. 

New Orleans is now the 3 largest city in the United States to film movies and television shows.  It is called South Hollywood.  I went to New Orleans to get away from Hollywood I had no idea how many films are shot there a day.  During my stay Vampire Dairies was being filmed along with a movie staring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone.  I had my heart set on meeting Mr. De Niro only for it to be crushed.  Too bad I think we would have made a great pair.  I am told that he loves food just as much as I do however on a man it shows a little better.  This was not the first time Sylvester Stallone had shot a movie in South Hollywood Expendables 2 was filmed in the Garden District.  I did manage to say out of the cameras way and was pleasantly surprised to find out that nothing was closed down due to shooting schedules you just merely walk around the cables laying across the street.

New Orleans has been through so much but this is one city that Does not give up.  The citizens live life to the fullest as not miss a single moment. After each disaster they commit to rebuilding.  You can see the damage from Hurricane Katrina throughout the 9th Ward but you can also see a community that pulls together and rises up from the ashes just like a Phoenix.  This is city I could settle down my own roots at just because of there desire to push forward just as I myself have pushed forward all my life. 

New Orleans is the city of hope and dreams and that is seen in every corner.  From the jazz that plays throughout the night in the little bars and alleys to the people partying in the streets without regrets.  The music plays until the band is tired but in New Orleans that can mean 4:00 in the morning.  This is city that should be on everyone's bucket list I know it was on mine.  I still have to join in the fun during Mardi Gras but that just gives me a reason to come back.

Take a trip down the old Mississippi and turn back in time.  Visit an old plantation and see the beauty of the oak trees.  I promise you this city will not disappoint you! Come join me in a glass of mint julep and toast the New Orleans people deep in community and joy. 

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