Friday, March 1, 2013

Pizza D'Oro - Costa Mesa, CA

Pizza D'Oro – 145 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Continuing the theme of hole in the wall restaurants the list would not be complete without this local eatery just off the 55 Fwy in Costa Mesa.  This little pizza joint has been owned by the DiPietro Family.  The interior is tired and true.  It has the appearance of an Old Italian Restaurant.  Not much has been renovated or if it has it is hard to tell.  But that just adds to the charm.

The prices are affordable.  Each pasta dish comes with soup or salad and to die for garlic bread.  The salad is not much but you are not paying $8.00 to add salad like most Italian restaurants and that in itself is a plus. 

There are daily specials seven days a week not only Monday thru Friday for the lunch crowd.  This establishment caters to the locals, the college students and community.  If The Lab is packed turn down Baker Street towards the 55 Fwy and enjoy a cheap meal.  The portions are large so do not go telling Gordon Ramsay we do not want him to cut them down to size.   Here you end up with two meals for the price of one.

Sunday and Monday is all you can eat spaghetti or lasagna this meal includes garlic bread and dine in only soup or salad for around $6.25.  Seriously where can you pay so little for pasta?  Just warning you that you are free to have a second plate but you will not need it as the pasta serves at least 2 hungry people.  The sauce is homemade with lots of meat.  If you do not want meat then ask for extra mushrooms instead.  The sauce explodes with tomatoes and garlic.  No fancy sauces at this establishment.  But they do have clams and linguine with white or red sautéed garlic sauce.  Again they are heavy on the garlic but that is what adds the flavor.

Pizza is another story.  I have never seen a Pizza that is 28” x 30”.   The menu also has pizza by the slice.  A Giant Slice of pizza is 14” x 6” more than enough for 2 people to share. 

So if you want an authentic Italian meal but do not want to spend the high prices you find in nearby Newport Beach I recommend Pizza D’Oro.  The interior my need a make over but your wallet and stomach will be happy.  Family owned and operated for over 40 years so they must be doing something right.

This place rates 3 Forks Up for affordability and flavor. The upside plenty of parking.

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