Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taqueria La Bamba - Mt Vernon, WA

Taqueria La Bamba - 2222 Riverside Dr., Ste 850, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

This place is just off Highway 5 in Mt. Vernon, Washington.  It was the perfect place to relax and grab a bit to eat while we continued our journey from Vancouver to Seattle.   Definitely a hole in the wall and I mean a virtual hole in the wall restaurant.  The staff speaks Spanish and the TV plays tela novas while you wait for your food.

Taqueria La Bamba is located in a small strip mall just a block from Stewart St. a major road paved with restaurants and shopping centers.  Do not be distracted by what you assume area is like.  It is quant and unassuming restaurant. 

The food is filling and cheap.  Our bill came to $13.00 and that included the tostada cerviche accompanied with rice and beans and chicken burrito.  The tostada was overfilling with scrumptious shrimp and white fish.  Unlike most eateries they did not skimp on the shrimp.  The cerviche was cut with just enough lime and plenty of onion and tomatoes.  The fish was fresh and light.

The burrito was a two hander stuffed with rice and marinated chicken.  Instead of a salsa bar they brought all four salsas in large containers to your table.  I must point out that this is a REAL Mexican establishment so every salsa was hot.  Not mild and medium just HOT. 

I made the mistake of thinking the orange garnish on my plate was a carrot.  As I bit into it and chewed my mouth started to burn.  My mouth had just been set on fire by a jalapeno.  This was not a regular jalapeno but one grown from the depths of … I thought my mouth would never cool off.  Drinking water just made the pain worse.  The only item at my disposal was the chips as long as did not dunk them in the salsa I was good.

Because of the price point and clearly authentic cuisine I give this place 4 forks up. It is a real hole in the wall but do not let that turn you off this is the place to go!

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