Monday, February 25, 2013

Kickin it Creole Style

 Kickin Crab – at Diamond Jamboree Center, 2740 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606
A seafood restaurant with Creole flare located in an Asian shopping center, who would have thought?   Well the owner did and he was a smart man.  Definitely come early as this place packs in the crowd after 6pm.  The fish is fresh but I warn you do not wear nice clothes to this establishment.  You will get messy.  However, this is the first restaurant that actually offered me gloves for my hands.  That is an A+ in my book.
You order off the menu per pound.  The price of shrimp is $9.99 a pound and although it does not seem like much food it was plenty for me.  The menu states market price so do not be shy to ask the staff they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Each order is made to taste.  I had the “kickin style” blend which includes garlic butter, lemon pepper, Louisiana, and Cajun spices.  You also have your choice of hotness. Unless you want to have your nose run I do not recommend having this medium.  I was drinking down the water like there was no tomorrow. Next time I think I will try the mild.
Remember everything served in the buckets is shell on that includes the lobster.  They give you crap crackers for the larger shellfish. So unless you want to work for your food I would think twice about ordering anything larger than a crawfish.
The shrimp was delicious and although the seasoning was “hot” I definitely would order it again.  You can order corn on the crab to accompany your meal but I am not a big corn on the cob person.  There are also potatoes or French fries you can have on the side.  I would have preferred if they had a nice side salad but grass was not part of the menu.
The shrimp tacos are palate pleasing and priced as if everyday is taco Tuesday.  They make a great appetizer or pair a few of them with beer and you are good to go.
The staff was spectacular.  I know I have said this before but the staff was extremely efficient.  Every time my drink was empty they were right there to refill and since my mouth was burning I was in heaven.  It is not like other establishments where if it is not their table they will not pitch in.  I honestly believe I had a team of servers for my table only.  So please respect the staff and tip them well. If you had seen the mess I left at my table you would not want that job. 
The atmosphere is staged like a Mardi Gras party.  There were strands of beads hanging from the bar.  It was family and date night oriented. So no matter if you are coming with family or that special someone for a bite and beer it was a perfect place to take them.  I give it 3 ½ forks up.  I definitely will be coming back for more.

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