Wednesday, February 20, 2013

L’Abattoir - Gastown Vancouver
Vancouver will delight you with L’Abattoir located in Gastown.  This urban upscale eatery is located on the site of the first jail in Vancouver.  Do not let the tales of the ghosts scare you as this establishment is set in Classical French style with industrial fixtures blending the old with the new.  

The menu is a combination of urban and classical from the Dungeness crab chickpea toast for an appetizer to the Pork shoulder cooked in milk.  You have to be a true foodie to appreciate the dishes which are geared more for the meat minded and than the vegetarian but do not let that put you off as L’Abattoir also serves up a few fish dishes.  If pork is not your protein of choice try the fillet of cod with parsley crust combined with mussels, potato and artichoke.  If heaven was a place on Earth it would be L’Abattoir.

The downside to this establishment is that it is a little on the pricey end.  Although the place was packed it seemed to be mostly out of town guests.  This establishment is more geared for tourists and business guests.  The staff was nice and attentive.  I would not expect anything less from Vancouver.   They were not stuffy as you may find at an upscale urban eatery in Los Angeles.  So for that I would give L’Abattoir 3 forks up. I just was not prepared to pay that high a cost for what was served.   The portions were on the small side but the food had great flavor.


  1. Saw a link to your blog on a comment for the SOBEWFF. I'm not that much of a foodie, but my wife is a big fan of the Food Network. Anyhoo, if you get a chance, or maybe you've already been, head to Vancouver Island then to Tofino. I thought the restaurants there to be interesting if not surreal.

    1. Thanks Dave I will put that on my list. There are plenty of great eateries in that area. Ido not believe in wasted calories - so food is to be a welcome experience !