Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fig Tree Café

Fig Tree Café is located at 416 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103.  It is in the urban area of Hillcrest.  It is surrounded by quaint shops and local eateries.   My mission was not to eat at Fig Tree Café but to try another local eatery down the street.  However I was meeting my cousins from Pleasanton, California breakfast and our original destination had over an hour wait.  I do not know about you but an hour wait usually means 1.5 hours and we were starved for substance.  So I hit my Yelp App and found Fig Tree Café about 200 feet around the corner.  The yelpers gave it high marks so it could not be too bad.  Usually you do tend to find a yelper with an attitude but this was not the case as all marks were 3 stars and above and 5 for service. 

My backup plan is always to look at the pictures if there are no pictures then chances are you do NOT want to dine there.  All pictures made my mouth water.  For me the proof is whether or not the establishment actually serves something I can eat.  If it is all boars’ head then you can count me out.  I need some veggies to go with my protein.

The menu was haven to my senses.  Upon walking through the door sent of fresh baked apples had my stomach churning.  I could smell the cinnamon.  The setting was “industrial wine”.  Steel and wood but it was not sterile by any means.  We were greeted by super friendly staff, and good looking at that.  The warm smile we received from the staff was not faked like you might find in some Hollywood eateries.  All the staff was warm and genuine.  In fact they would off up how much they liked working there and the fabulous owner.  Honestly, you do not find that in kind of compliments in most establishments.  It is always about how the man is trying to put one over on you.

Although the espresso machine was not working the waiter offered to make me a Chai Tea Latte by heating up the milk himself.  He then went over the menu with us and told us his favorites.  He also tried to dissuade us from ordering a meal you could by at any eatery.  Service was definitely an A+.

The men in my group opted for the Pancakes with Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Sautéed Apples served with Orange Segment Syrup.  The women went for the Eggs Benedict Tuscan Style.  The Eggs Benedict was made with sun dried tomato, spinach, basil and recommended with prosciutto.  It was served with house baked focaccia and house made potatoes. 

The Pancakes were so delicate that no syrup was needed.  Each bite was a bursting with flavor from the apples and cinnamon to the brown sugar.  I was lucky to obtain a bite before it was gone.  The pancakes were huge and you definitely did get your money’s worth.  Even in Paso Robles or Julian you would not find apple pancakes made as good.

The Eggs Benedict were the best I have tasted.   The spinach was sautéed with a hint of garlic and basil that did not overwhelm but added to the flavor.  The Hollandaise sauce was light and airy not heavy and creamy.  The Hollandaise sauce itself was flavorful and was a great combination with the basil.  Sometimes you can have a sauce that overwhelms the dish and takes over but this was not the case. 

Not only would I recommend Fig Tree Café for breakfast but I would try it for dinner.  The service and food was that good that I will be back to try dinner.  The breakfast and lunch menu is the same so you have choice of “brunch” if you so prefer.

This place deserves 4 shiny silver forks up.  Good Job!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about the food.

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