Tuesday, April 2, 2013

THE OLD COFFEE POT RESTUATANT – 714 Saint Peter Street New Orleans, LA 70116

“Southern food done right,” sums up my experience at The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant in the French Quarter.  It is just a stone’s throw away from Bourbon Street where the party never dies. 

From my understanding Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives filmed an episode from this quant whole in the wall restaurant.  The food was spot on and the menu was New Orleans flare. 

The grits were hands down the best grits I ever had creamy and buttery, off my diet with this one.  There is also a traditional item on the menu called Callas Cakes. The recipe dates back to the mid 1800’s.  A Callas Cake is a blend of long grain rice and sweet spices formed into a ball and deep fried.  It is then dusted with powdered sugar.  I recommend ordering this item with the option of pecans.  It is served with grits and maple syrup so you get two for the price of one.  At first glance it reminds me of Italian Donuts but the texture is completely different.  Where Italian Donuts let off Callas Cakes begin with the spices like something of an Indian spice.  It’s a sweet flavor of cinnamon and sugar.

If your looking for more of an egg dish than I recommend Eggs Sardou.  It is two perfectly poached eggs placed on top of creamed spinach and artichoke bottoms on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce.  The hollandaise is light not heavy.  I saw this little item on several menus throughout town so it must be a traditional southern dish.  I was surprised to see creamed spinach instead of sautéed spinach but it worked.  It certainly is not for those on a low cholesterol diet.  I must say it was well worth calories.

 For the more ambitious there is a Rockefeller – again fresh creamed spinach, the ever popular Louisiana oysters, cheese and blend of Creole seasons with of course grits.  Or you can order Lost Bread their version of French toast.  A po-boy bread dipped in special batter, grilled and deep fried than topped with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup. 

Everything in New Orleans is deep fried so do not be afraid they know how to do it right in the south.  I suggest you lose a few pounds before visiting as you will surely pack the weight right back on after your visit.  They must put something in the oil when the fry here because the batter is light and kicked up a notch with flavor unlike what you may be use to.  I was never disappointed with any fried dish while in New Orleans and you will not be too. 

What made my journey to the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant so memorable was not just the food but the hospitality.  For those of you who have not checked out my Face Book posting the waitress was a gospel singer.  She entertained us all by belting out a song.  Come to find out later she has been in some movies filmed down here singing.  She really needs a good agent because she maybe a good waitress but she was a great singer and a very special person.

This place deserves all the publicity it can get. It is truly a DIAMOND in the rough. The food, atmosphere and hospitality are well worth the Four Forks Up.  Please come and hear the bluebird sing you will enjoy every minute of your experience.

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