Monday, February 17, 2014

GYPSY DEN – An electric surprise in Santa Ana, California.

The menu is stirred to taste.  The ingredients are prepared fresh.  The bread and pastries and baked in house.  The atmosphere is coffee shop with a rather hip vibe taking you back to the hippy era. 

The menu caters those health conscious with a selection of food cooked fresh from the garden.  For those more into meatless delights there are several entrees that meet your dietary requirements.

Personally the difference between the Adobe Stew and the Veggie Chili is minuscule but that will not stop you from trying both.  The Adobe Stew is a vegetable stew with corn, zucchini, tomato, onion and green bean, topped with cheese.  The Classic Gypsy Chili is a vegetarian chili with soy meat, beans, onion, tomato and corn and topped with cheese.  The difference in preparation is only the vegetables used but the difference in taste is amazing. 

Yes there is meat on the menu The French mean is a twist on the classic Roast Beef Sandwich.  The seasoned melt in your mouth roast beef is sliced and heaped on a fresh based pretzel bun smeared with horseradish mustard. It is served with a side of au jus for dipping.

Did some one ask for Tuna?  The tuna is prepared with the sweetest green apples, crisp celery, sliced tomatoes and cheese.  You can ask for the tuna to be mixed lightly with mayo as every tuna sandwich is prepared from scratch. 

If you want something different and are weaning off the meat then try the Goat Melt.  Fresh baked wheat flatbread with melted goat cheese, red bell peppers, spinach and Greek olives.  It is a Mediterranean delight.

Using my logical I ordered the Carrot Cake for dessert.  What logic you ask?  Well since this place caters to the health conscious and all ingredients are made fresh I analogized that the desserts must be healthy too.  So on to the Carrot Cake made with REAL carrots, spices and light cream cheese frosting.  Yes Heaven is a dessert. 

The staff is always friendly and patient with me because I never know what I want to gobble down next.  The atmosphere is so under dressed although you might catch a glimpse of a judge or attorneys do not be dissuaded this place is more artsy than sterile.  The art work hanging on the walls are from local artists.  The Anaheim location has an open mic every Wednesday night.  Each location is different and I am particular to the Santa Ana location.

For atmosphere, fresh ingredients, friendly staff this rates 3.5 Forks Up.  But if you have high expectations of a romantic location or anything more than what it is then this place is NOT for you. It is what it is – comfortable.


The Gypsy Den Grand Central Cafe
125 N. Broadway Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 835-8840

The Gypsy Den Cafe @ the L.A.B.
2930 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 549-7012

The Gypsy Den Anaheim Arts District
211 W Center St Promenade Anaheim CA 92805
(714) 956-4400

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