Monday, March 31, 2014

The Templeton Restaurant – Breakfast served Tammy style.

Vancouver has so much to offer from its organic fruits and vegetables to its laid back artistic atmosphere.  The Templeton is not located on the prettiest street or in the best neighborhood but maybe that’s what makes it all the more charming. Located in the heart of the entertainment district The Templeton brings back memories of sock hops and rock n’roll that your parents thought was the devils music.  But The Templeton is so much more it is a reminder of a simpler time when there were no Iphones to interrupt your dinner.  There are no microwaves here to cook with only a good old fashioned stove and grill.  

Processed food no, good food yes from its natural free run, non-medicated eggs to its handmade specialty turkey sausage The Templeton is all “real”.  May I recommend the Tofu Scramble made with medium tofu sautéed with veggies, lightly seasoned with curry and nutritional yeast, rosemary potatoes and toast?   The taste is orgasmic and the price will not burn a whole through your wallet.  If your more in touch you’re your manliness then try the Truckers Breakfast  made with 3 eggs, turkey sausage or bacon or veggie bacon, delightfully seasoned rosemary potatoes and toast.  Even truckers need to watch what they eat sometimes.  This little one of a kind gem has everything from smoked salmon omelet to blueberry banana pancakes.  There is always something for everyone.

I recommend starting off your visit in Vancouver with breakfast at The Templeton it will feel you up and keep you going.  However do not be sad, they serve lunch and dinner.   Remember this place is old school with a twist on today’s flavor profile.  You can order from grill cheese sandwich to veggie chili dog.  They have a wide choice of specialty salads including Asian Noodle Salad organic buckwheat soba noodles, fresh cilantro, carrots and peppers in peanut lime vinaigrette dressing.  Plenty of hamburgers to fill your belly combined with a good old milkshake.   

The Templeton is open late Thursday – Sunday and serves liquor and beer.  It is a great place to kick back after a show and grab a drink to unwind. 

Its exterior may seem harsh buy today’s standards but the inside resembles days’ gone bye with its 50’s interior still in tack.  Each booth has mini juke box ready to play at your request.  No the waitresses do not dress up as if going to a soc hop but they are extremely friendly and helpful.  The place is small so expect a little wait but I assure you it is well worth it.  The prices are not from a time when…but they are quite inexpensive compared to today’s standards.

This little whole in the wall deserves your attention.   Best for breakfast or a late night snack with its inviting drink options including its spiked milkshakes and floats.  Shh…don’t tell anyone.  So let’s see a strong 3.5 Forks Up – just because.  Food, fun, friendliness. 

Located at 1087 Graville St., Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1L2


9am – 11pm (except Thurs-Sun 1am)

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